Saruya implements the following initiatives with regard to the protection of personal information, such as customer names, dates of birth, addresses and service details.

  1. In compliance with laws and other regulations concerning personal information, we take every care in order to protect important customer personal information.
  2. Personal information shall be handled appropriately within the extent of the following purposes:
    To carry out identity verifications, requests for payment, changes to the conditions of payment/services provided, notifications regarding service suspensions, interruptions and contract cancellations, as well as the provision of other services offered by Saruya
    To carry out sales promotions and surveys related to company services in any format, including telephone, e-mail or post, and to send gifts, etc.
    To improve our services and to develop new services
    To respond to enquiries and consultations
  3. In addition to the purposes stated above, there may be other uses of personal information specific to certain services and questionnaires.
  4. In order to handle personal information correctly, Saruya has established internal regulations and internal management systems. Appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access or the loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of personal information. We endeavor to protect personal information by continually reviewing these processes.
  5. Changes may be made to this privacy policy in order to protect personal information and to comply with changes in laws and other regulations. Any changes to the privacy policy shall be announced on the Saruya homepage.
    Personal information communicated by the customer (addresses, names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or purchase details, etc.) shall not be disclosed to or used by any third parties, except when requested to do so by public institutions, such as courts or police agencies.
    Saruya shall promptly discard personal information when requested to do so by the customer, or when the information is no longer needed by Saruya.
    Excluding exceptional circumstances, Saruya shall comply with requests made by the customer to disclose his or her own personal information upon the prompt completion of an identity verification check.

December 1, 2007
Saruya Co., Ltd.